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    Tai Hing Anti-UV filament For Cleaning brush For Long-Term Outdoor Work.

    Anti-UV Filament

    The anti-UV monofilament is effectively slowing the product ageing and colour changing to achieve a longer outdoor product life. Tai Hing filament products can be equipped with anti-UV function, suitable for cleaning brushes for long-term outdoor work, etc.


    ≥25mm error1.0mm



    Paper/PE Film/Plastic Film Package or Bobbin Package

    ROHS, REACH SVHC, PHTHALATES, PAHs, BNST, Bisphenol A, California prop 65

    Anti-UV Anti-UV Anti-UV Anti-UV Anti-UV Anti-UV Anti-UV Anti-UV
    Remark: The above information is for reference only, the client can customise the colour and shape based on their needs.