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    Tai Hing Nylon Filament Products Co.,Ltd. (Tai Hing) originated in 1985, we have specialised in providing various high-quality monofilament products and applied in widely over 12 industries, cooperate with over 35 well known international brands and counties. Our good reputetion is confirmed by companions. Tai Hing keens on customised needs and continues to innovate, invest in the basic product research.

    nylon filament

    34 year


    4300 + Types


    40 + Types


    400 Ton

    breakthrough the productivity



    PA Series

    PP Series

    PP nylon filament series

    PBT Series

    PBT nylon filament series

    PET Series

    PET nylon filament series
    PET filament

    PE Series

    PE nylon filament series

    PS Series

    PS nylon filament series

    Filament Manufacturer: Embracing Technology To Your Advantage

    The combination of technical know-how and 35-year industry-leading experience is an unbeatable one. Thanks to this, Tai Hing stands out from other filament suppliers that simply can’t catch up.Renowned for the highest quality of our synthetic fiber strands, we continue to make a name for ourselves on a global scale. More importantly, we never stop sprucing up our technology to exceed the expectations of our most demanding customers operating in household cleaning, technical brush, oral care, cosmetics, and other industries. >>More

    From the development to manufacturing, Tai Hing nails all the processes that are pivotal to provide you with outstanding filament products. We start with testing raw materials and investing in state-of-the-art extruders. Then we pair this with rigorous quality assurance procedures applied in all production stages. And finally, we double-check every filament strand before it’s packaged and shipped.

    Such an unwavering approach has allowed us to become one of the largest brush filament suppliers out there. As of now, we’re capable of producing the following range of fibers:

  • nylon (PA)
  • PP
  • PBT
  • PET
  • PE
  • PEEK
  • bio-based plastic filament
  • PPS
  • and more
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    Quality control and development

    We have 40 quality control methods from procuring materials, production, products screening to packaging to achieve product pass rate to close to 100%. Without a doubt, our quality control methods are comprehensive and leading the industry.

    Affordability with no compromise on quality

    By looking at our top-quality filaments, you may get the wrong idea about how much they cost. At Tai Hing, we always put our customers’ needs first, which means we offer low prices. We’ve managed to fine-tune our production processes and turn automation to your financial advantage. Get in touch to request more details on our nylon filament prices and those for PP, PET, or any other products. If you want to place an order, we will be happy to guide you through the process.

    How to choose the best synthetic monofilament for your needs?

    Tai Hing’s filaments vary not only in the series but also by properties that polyesters, nylon, and other polymers offer. They should serve as the main reference for you to choose the right option. Thus, you’re better off paying heed to:

    Diameter, thickness, and other specifications. Our filament products come in various strand sizes and colors, depending on your desired applications. They can be used for brushes, textiles, linings, decorative ribbons, etc.

    Flexibility. Some materials are better in terms of bending properties than others. Flexibility features are of importance to those who are looking for filaments for tooth- or technical brushes, as well as other products.

    Resistance. Nylon, polyester, and polymers are not created equal. Some perform better in wet environments, while others can withstand the effects of chemicals and high temperatures. Decide on how resistant you want your filaments to be.

    Eco-friendliness. If you follow a sustainability path, you need filaments made with no harm to nature. We pride ourselves on protecting the environment by ensuring the compliance of our raw materials with RoHS, REACH, and other regulations.

    Additional features. As a leading monofilament manufacturer, Tai Hing can upgrade its products for your specific needs. We can produce them with improved UV protection, anti-static, anti-mildew, and other properties upon your request.

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